Breast Surgery

Now offering the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant: a new type of breast implant with the natural feel, supporting structure, and safety advantages over silicone gel!

Considered an expert on breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction, Dr. Poulos has performed thousands of breast surgeries in her 20-year plastic surgery career. Whether to correct an imbalance in body proportions or restore a feminine shape to a mastectomy patient, Dr. Poulos’ artist’s eye, surgeon’s precision, and woman’s touch are particularly apparent in her breast surgeries.

Dr. Poulos is honored to help you achieve your ideal feminine proportions through breast surgery. Come with an open mind and realistic expectations, and trust that you’ll see an incredible improvement in the look, shape and feel of your breasts.

Our breast reduction patients are some of our most grateful patients! These ladies are so relieved to finally be free of pain from their heavy breasts, purchase a bra in a “regular” store, and wear strapless or backless tops and dresses.

Our breast enhancement patients are thrilled with their new curves! One of the most frequently-asked question a prospective breast enhancement patient will ask is, which is the better option, saline or silicone (gel) implants? The answer, of course, depends on a variety of factors. Oftentimes silicone breast implants lend the most natural appearance and feel to the breast, particularly for thin women. Saline breast implants are a consideration for women who want flexibility in size, a natural substance in their body (salt water) should the implant rupture, and greater affordability.

Dr. Poulos also performs breast lift and nipple surgeries. A breast lift surgery and nipple surgery can be combined with either a breast reduction or breast enhancement procedure, or be performed as standalone surgeries.

With that in mind, please review the list of breast procedures below.

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