Cheek Lift Surgery Northborough

High, plump cheekbones are a universal standard of youth and beauty. As the face ages, however, the cheek can seem to droop, lending a slack, hollow, and worn appearance to the face. Facial fillers and volumizers can subtly and temporarily restore a youthful appearance. When fillers and volumizers are not enough, a cheek lift can create a more permanent and visible result.

Cheek lifts also known as mid-face lifts, surgically lifts sagging tissues that were once on top of the cheek bone. It restores fullness to the cheek, softens deep nasolabial fold creases, and raises the outer portion of the eyebrow to rejuvenate the face.

Our patients report that a cheek lift is one of our more subtle yet effective facial procedures, taking years off a person’s face while still looking natural. Friends comment to the patient that he or she looks great and well-rested, but cannot pinpoint what’s different.

A cheek lift can be performed in Dr. Poulos’ state-of-the-art surgical suite in our Northborough location. Cheek lifts are individualized to meet the patient’s needs and expectations. The incision scar is virtually undetectable after recovery.