Classique Medical Spa

Classique Medical Spaoffers the full spectrum of services designed to promote a healthy face and body image in both women and men. We use the most advanced science and technology available to provide you with superlative results and the highest quality care.

Consider our team of caring professionals as your personal concierge, gently guiding you to the products and services best suited to your aesthetic goals. We’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation, listen to your concerns, and educate you on the best approach to reach those goals. Whether you would like to correct, rejuvenate, or enhance your appearance, your satisfaction is our primary concern. With respect for who you are and compassion for who you strive to be, we at Classique Medical Spa are honored to lead you through your journey to enhanced health and beauty.

Treatment Options

Laser Procedures

At Classique Medical Spa, our medical aestheticians offer unsurpassed knowledge and hands-on expertise in laser therapy. For the ultimate in rejuvenation and restorative therapy, combine a surgical procedure with a lasertherapy, and discover incredible results! Utilizing the latest in laser technology, our laser therapists can help you to: improve sagging skin tone and aged texture, stimulate collagen production, correct sunspots and discoloration, heal acne-prone skin and acne-scarring, treat spider veins, reduce fat and cellulite, remove unwanted hair, and so much more.

Some brand names and terms you may hear include: Sciton Laser Hair Removal, Sciton SkinTyte and Profractional Laser, Smoothbeam® Laser for Wrinkles & Acne, Sciton Lasers for Vascular, Pigmentation and Redness, BroadBand Laser (BBL), Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Micro Laser Peel, Thermage skin-tightening device, Innopen for microneedling and Coolsculpting for Fat reduction.

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Poulos Peel

Realizing that our skin can change with your unique needs or the seasons, Classique has developed this unique peel duet that is customized to each patient. We start with dermaplaning – a comfortable and enjoyable process to remove the top layer of skin – followed by a topical peel, using lactic, glycolic, TCA, or salicylic properties, selected for you by our technician. You will leave with a healthy glow and smooth, silky skin. Experience immediate results with no downtime or pain. A must have! 40 minute treatment.

Classique Skin Care

Classique Signature Facial, Classique Ultrasonic Facial

Classique Facial

The Classique Signature Facial includes the traditional elements of cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and a masque best suited for your skin condition Then we pamper you with a relaxing facel and hand massage. The products used in our facial treatments are specially formulated for medical aesthetic practices, and as such, are signficiantly more powerful and penetrating than typical “spa” products. Come experience the difference! 0 minute treatment.

Classique Ultrasonic Facial

A unique treatment that softens and removes dead skin cells ever so gently, hydrating while removing oils. Then, we pentrate hydrogel and Vitamin C deep into the layers of skin, leaving you with brighter and healthier complextion. Great for acne and oil-prone skin.

Classique Beauty Treatments

Oxygenetics Moisturizer and makeup foundation, Waxing, Cosmedix and ZO products.

Spa Etiquette

In the interests of providing the most relaxing environment possible to all of our patients, we kindly request that you respect the following spa policies:

  • Turn off cell phones before entering the spa.
  • Use a soft voice within the spa area.
  • Leave children and pets at home.
  • Leave your valuables at home.


Unless otherwise indicated, please let us know if you will require the convenience of a shower before or after your spa service. All appointments are scheduled through our medical office. Both medical and spa procedures are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call: 1 (877).377.6567 or (508)393-4544

Your time is valuable and we make every effort to coordinate all of our spa and medical appointments to allow each patient the best possible care. However, we ask for your patience in those instances when emergencies occur which may force us to run behind schedule.

Cancellations and Late Arrivals

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This time is often used to update our records and prepare for your treatment or spa service. A late arrival may limit our ability to provide the full extent of your service.

If you find you must cancel an appointment, a 24-hour notice is appreciated.


Classique gift certificates are available for all of our spa services.

For comprehensive information about fees, insurance, emergencies, hours of operation and more, please see the Our Practice page.