Hand rejuvenation

Second only to the face, our hands receive a daily onslaught of damaging sun exposure, plus drying soaps, antibacterial hand gels, and drying air-conditioned or heated environments.

Fortunately, there are a variety of therapies available. To correct:

  • Sunspots and pigmentation issues: Medical skincare; peels; aesthetic laser therapy
  • Loss of plumpness: Dermal fillers; collagen-building aesthetic laser therapy and dermal fillers.

A combination of complementary therapies are most effective in complete hand rejuvenation, most notably the SkinTyte laser, a dermal fillers, and the ZO or Environ skincare regimen.

Most likely, Dr. Poulos will restore plumpness to your hands with an artful, precise injection of a dermal filler. She will recommend visiting with one of our medical aestheticians, who will determine the appropriate Spa treatment to correct age spots and loss of elasticity in your skin of your hands.

There is no recovery time necessary for most hand rejuvenation procedures. Injectable treatment results are visible immediately; collagen-boosting laser therapies and improvements in skin texture may require a series of visits.

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