Nipple Surgery Northborough

Dr. Poulos offers a variety of procedures to the nipple. Nipple surgery presents a safe, quick way to permanently address long nipples or disproportionately-sized areola in men and women permanently. Patients with a protruding nipple may opt for a nipple reduction, while gynecomastia, breast lift or reduction patients may prefer to reduce the size of the areola. Breast enhancement patients may elect to receive a nipple enlargement to match the size and shape of the nipple to their newly-increased breast size, lending a natural and proportionate appearance to the breast.

As many as 2% of women have an inverted nipple, creating difficulties in breast-feeding. In most cases, Dr. Poulos can preserve the milk ducts while correcting the inversion.

Dr. Poulos can also create a realistic-looking nipple for those patients whose nipple was lost due to cancer or mastectomy.

Gentlemen who receive the gynecomastia procedure may also elect nipple surgery at the same time.

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