Buttock or Thigh Lift

A buttock or thigh lift surgically tightens sagging skin in the buttock or thigh area. Unlike a Brazillian Butt Lift, a buttock or thigh lift will require long surgical incisions by the physician and fairly extensive sutures. The surgery reshapes the area by removing excess skin.

One common technique places incisions in the groin, extending downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh. The underlying tissue will be reshaped, and tightened, and skin will be reduced and redraped, resulting in more proportionate and

smoother body contours. Lifting the entire thigh and buttock will require much longer incisions that start in the buttock crease, extend around the groin, come up over the side of the abdomen and reach over the flank and across the back. Deep support sutures within underlying tissues help to form the newly shaped contours. Sutures close the skin incisions.

This procedure requires signifcant recovery time: Dr. Poulos recommends strict bed rest for the first 10 days following surgery. While the majority of bruising and swelling will resolve in about a month, you will need up to three months to return to your normal activities.

Oftentimes, a buttock or thigh lift is performed in conjunction with liposuction of the area to achieve ideal body contours.

As a specialist in surgeries of the breast and body, Dr. Poulos is your best choice when considering a buttock/thigh lift in the Worcester and Metrowest areas.

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