5-Year Study Confirms Satisfaction with Breast Augmentation Procedure

Posted on April 22, 2013 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

A recent breast augmentation study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (an association of which I am a member) shows that women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure are overwhelmingly satisfied with their decision! Of course, this is no surprise to us here at our Northborough, MA plastic surgery practice!

98 Percent of Women Were Highly Satisfied with Their Breast Augmentation Results
According to the study, 98% of the 225 women in the study (all of whom had breast implant surgery) said their results met or exceeded their expectations. The study was performed over a 5-year period, with interviews about recovery, results, complications and psychological effects of the procedure. The average age of the patients in the study was 34. Most of the women received saline breast implants, with an average volume of 390 cc. When the women were asked to rate their experience with discomfort on a 10-point scale, the average pain reported as a level of 5.9. Most used prescription pain medication for five days and took 7 days off work and social activities. On average, the women reported it took about 25 days to feel back to their usual selves.

Size and Firmness Results of the Study

While 13% of the women in the study said they wished they’d had larger implants placed, 85% said their new breasts were just the right size. Only 1% of the women in the study were dissatisfied with the postop scars, most of which were in the crease beneath the breast, called the inframammary fold. Almost every patient, 98%, said their results were satisfactory.

Breast Implants Increased Self-Esteem 
Of the 225 women in the study, 92% said they had higher self-esteem after their procedure. Here at our Northborough plastic surgery practice, breast augmentation remains one of our top procedures. It’s quite common for women who are embarrassed about their breasts, feel a sense of renewed self-confidence after breast enlargement. It’s one of the most satisfying procedures we perform.

Please contact us if you have concerns about your breast size, shape or position. We have solutions for every woman!

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Cynthia Poulos

Northborough, MA Board Certified Plastic Surgeon