Mini Facelift – Less Riskier Than Deeper Facelifts

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

A mini facelift is a method that is best known to provide natural results. The procedure helps you avoid the pulled facial look and are a lot less risky method than other facial lifts. In brief, the procedure provides quite natural and simple results that a patient can easily keep as their secret.

The procedure is best for people who wish to get something bit more dramatic than other suture lift, but a less invasive procedure than another full deep facelift. This method utilizes specific surgical elements from a conventional full facelift such as a neck or lower facelift. It combines them into a single revitalizing procedure.

What creates the need for mini facelift?

There are many factors that create the need for this facial treatment. As the years go by, all of us face aging – an inevitable reality. The skin starts to loosen both in the neck and face and we get jowling at the jawline, marionette lines or deep folds around the mouth corners and double chin or vertical folds beneath the chin.

In addition to sun exposure, heredity, the gravitational pull and personal habits like smoking equally contribute to the process of aging. Thus, all of these changes must be best treated through a facelift surgery.

The surgery can be customized to meet individual needs and preferences. There are skilled professionals who fully support patients seeking more privacy, affordability, and convenience when it comes to mini facelift procedure.

What risks are involved in this procedure?

Well, just like any other surgical procedure, you can anticipate some swelling or bruising to occur. However, you can resume your normal routine activities in just 10 days and enjoy very few indications of your procedure in just 3 weeks.