As a female surgeon and specialist in body sculpting procedures, Dr. Poulos is uniquely qualified to perform labiaplasty. In fact, it is one of our more commonly-requested procedures. Our patients are thrilled and relieved with the results. Most say they should not have waited so long!

For the convenience and privacy of our patients, labiaplasty is typically performed in our in-office surgical suite. For patients wishing to couple the labiaplasty with other 'Mommy Makeover' procedures, such as abdominoplasty or breast surgery, labiaplasty may also take place in a hospital setting, although it is not necessary.

Relax and take it easy the first seven to ten days after your procedure. Cooking, climbing stairs, and driving may be resumed in a few days (once you have finished your narcotic pain medication). You may return to regular exercise 6-8 weeks after your procedure.

To learn more about labiaplasty, please click here.

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