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A sampling of the praise Dr. Poulos receives from her delighted patients:

I had weight loss surgery on July 3, 2013 and have lost 175 pounds.  I'm at my ideal weight and do strength training every day. Obviously, after that amount of rapid weight loss, cosmetic surgery was a necessity.  Dr. Cynthia Poulos came highly recommended by Dr. Donald Czerniach of UMass Medical, and he was the surgeon who performed my vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  
Dr. Poulos was certainly a wonderful choice, and I began my journey with Dr. Poulos with a Brachioplasty bilateral (arms) and that was followed by an Abdominoplasty.  I followed Dr. Poulos' recommendation for the method she wanted to use, and I'm so happy I did.  With Dr. Poulos, the wise thing to do is to "just do as she recommends."  The latest surgery was my Thigh Lift on August 7th and I'm healing well.  
Dr. Poulos is a well-versed, well skilled surgeon who pays attention to detail.  She gives you "the bottom line" of what you need done; how she wants to do it; and what you need to do as a patient to complete the successful cycle. I'd expect and want nothing less!!! This is my health and my body that I've now devoted over two years to re-sculpt and re-vitalize to a state of superb health.  I would want ONLY "the best" cosmetic surgeon to participate in that journey with me, and that's exactly who I had.  
Dr. Cynthia Poulos IS the best, and I will be forever grateful for everything she's assisted me in accomplishing.  You're the best, Dr. Poulos!!-BT

After waiting 20 years to finally get my tummy tuck, I am exceptionally happy with the results. I look better now than I did 20 years ago. Knowing I was going to have the procedure made me motivated to lose weight and the results have kept me motivated to keep losing. I feel and look fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Poulos. She was professional and direct and clearly wanted me to have the best results but also the safest and healthiest.-WW

I love my mini facelift. When I look in the mirror and compare my look now to when I was in my mid- thirties. I look like I haven't aged and I am 54 and a grandmother! Every woman should invest in herself and look in the mirror every day and love what the way she looks. I certainly do now! Dr. Poulos did an outstanding job and before I am 70 I am coming back for another one. Dr. Poulos, don't you leave! Thank you for making me look spectacular! By the way, your staff is excellent!!-DV

Dr. Poulos truly is fantastic!! She was warm and an attentive listener when I first met her. She took the time to understand what I wanted and clearly explain pros and cons, benefits and cautions. Even as her last appointment one evening after what must have been a long day, she smiled and gave me her full attention. Her staff is just as great! I had a very small window due to work to be able to do this, and she made sure to accommodate my schedule, even though ordinarily I wouldn't have gotten a date for a few weeks later. The surgery went exactly as planned. Looking at my scar and my outstanding results, I think she is incredibly skilled as well!!! I haven't gone 8 weeks yet, so there is still swelling, but if I remained as I am now, I would be thrilled. I am amazed that there is still swelling. I feel and look fantastic!! This was the best decision I could have made for myself, and Dr. Poulos, her surgical team at the hospital and her staff made it comfortable and possible for me!! -anon

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