Rhinoplasty or “nose job”

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

The nose is the most prominent feature of the human face. For many people, it is simply a part of their good looks and rarely merits a second thought.

Yet for others, the nose detracts from their appearance. An overly-prominent, misshapen, or disproportionate nose can affect a person's self-confidence, and a deviated septum within the nose can affect breathing.

Today, however, plastic surgery can correct a multitude of faults. Rhinoplasty can shorten, tilt up, build up or straighten. Nostrils can be narrowed. Often this procedure can be combined with functional improvement of the nasal airway through correction of abnormal internal nasal structures.The procedure can make the most prominent feature on your face a permanent source of pride. It can give you a whole new appearance and a new outlook on life.

Rhinoplasties are individualized to meet the patient's needs and expectations. Dr. Poulos is sensitive to the needs of each patient, some of whom may want to improve the appearance of their nose without eliminating a strong masculine, ethnic, or family characteristic. All rhinoplasties are performed through predominantly internal incisions and usually include an improvement of the nasal tip, straightening of the dorsum and adjustment of the bony nasal skeleton. These procedures may be performed as an open procedure with a small externally visible incision through the columella (base of nose) or may be performed as a closed procedure where all of the incisions are hidden. Different advantages exist in either approach. The choice is usually left to the discretion of Dr. Poulos.

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