Light Chemical Peels in Northborough

A light chemical peel, performed in our Spa, is a very different treatment than the deep chemical peel performed only by Dr. Poulos in a surgical setting. A light chemical peel is ideal way to subtly improve the appearance and texture of your skin without the irritation or disruption of lifestyle that often accompany deep, surgical-level chemical peels.

Light chemical peels intensively exfoliate to accelerate the cell renewal process, stimulate collagen synthesis, and improve elastin fibers in the dermis, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion. This safe, non-invasive procedure delivers results, yet requires no downtime.

Our skincare professionals will evaluate your skin condition and choose the peel most appropriate for you. They may select from peels from the Environ, or CosMedix skincare lines carried in our Spa, or may custom-mix a peel just for you.

A light chemical peel may be added to any facial treatment to improve skin texture, or enjoyed as a standalone service.