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The Discovery is a breakthrough in laser technology. Classified as a picosecond laser, the Discovery transcends conventional picosecond lasers by combining the highest power possible with more wavelengths and treatment modes. This makes the Discovery highly effective for a range of skin issues and skin types.

Most notably, the Discovery can break down the most difficult to treat tattoo colors and pigmentations given its power, precision, and unique design. Better outcomes are achieved in fewer, more comfortable treatment cycles.


Am I right for Discovery?

The Discovery is safe for all skin types. The larger spot sizes and ability to treat all tattoo colors – including notoriously difficult to remove light blue and green pigments — makes it especially effective for tattoo removal.

How does the Discovery breakdown pigment so effectively?

If you think of a pigmentation or tattoo like a boulder, the Discovery uses one emission mode to initially break down the boulder into large pebbles and then a pico-second mode breaks those particles into even finer particles until the entire boulder is nothing but dust. The Discovery is also unique because it’s the only picosecond laser with three true laser wavelengths which allows it to eliminate the full spectrum of tattoo colors.

Will my Discovery treatment be painful?

The Discovery power settings and handpieces were designed to maximize comfort and to reduce side effects and healing time. The laser treats the skin across any pigment or tattoo shape evenly and precisely so the skin can heal naturally and effectively.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

The number of treatments needed depends on each patient case but the Discovery laser can ultimately reduce the number of sessions required to achieve the desired outcome.