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Scar Care Products

From Biodermis, the recognized leader in scar management.Epi-Derm , Pro-Sil and Xeragel are names now synonymous with scar treatment and reduction. For over 25 years, Biodermis has been a pioneer in the development of innovative solutions for scar care, and our culture of innovation ensures that you can expect that trend to continue. Please click on the link below for coupons and to purchase your scar care product choice.


Irritation no longer required.

Why apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin if a soothing, natural solution is readily available and proven to enhance your skin’s appearance? At CosMedix, we believe that beautiful skin shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort or excessive recovery time.

Using the finest natural ingredients, uniquely refined for maximum effectiveness, our products work with your skin to target the most troublesome skin conditions—from acne and rosacea to sun damage and hyperpigmentation—without the irritation or downtime of conventional treatments. Believing each condition to be unique, we have designed a holistic product line to address your individual concerns both from outside and within. This custom-fit approach has made CosMedix the choice of dermatologists, physicians and aestheticians the world over.

ZO Products

From Dr. Obagi, experience a fine line of products that can reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, brown spots (Hyperpigmentation) and reduce redness. Appropriate for all skin types and textures.


A moisturizer and foundation makeup that allows your skin to “breathe” while it heals. Ideal for any skin type, even post-procedure skin!


A new type of mascara and eye liner that make removing makeup as easy as possible. Just use water and your fingertips, and all traces disappear!