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BOTOX and Dysport

BOTOX and Dysport are neuromodulators that produce a remarkable smoothing effect on deep forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, and crow’s feet. The smoothing effect of these injectables can take years off your look, leaving you looking well-rested, more youthful, and approachable.

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Dermal fillers

Our dermal filler injections for men are injected with ultimate precision to create a subtle change that our male clients appreciate. Add volume to the jawline, restore volume at the cheeks, or enhance chin size and structure, or smooth away lines and creases – we do it all, with ultimate care, to create a more ideal facial balance.

Laser skin resurfacing

Rough, uneven, or sun-damaged skin can become fresh, smooth, and healthy with one of our advanced skin resurfacing treatments. Sun spots, age spots, spider veins, and uneven skin texture can be resolved with these treatments, leaving your skin looking  youthful, healthy, and refreshed.

Acne and acne scar treatments

If your skin was damaged by acne breakouts, or you are still experiencing breakouts, we offer solutions with real-world results – fewer breakouts, and healthier, smoother skin can be yours.

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Laser hair removal

Are you struggling to keep excess hair on your back, chest, or other area of your body at bay? While waxing is always an option, laser hair removal in Worcester can allow you to have virtually hair-free skin for the long term.

Hand rejuvenation

The back of the hands are impossible to hide and constantly exposed to the elements. With time, they can take on a wrinkled, aging look, covered with sun spots and age spots, and bones and tendons more visible. With our male hand rejuvenation treatments, the back of the hands can be restored to look healthy and  youthful.


CoolSculpting has made removing fatty bulges possible, no surgery required. If you struggle with excess fat on the abdomen, back, or any area of the face or body, you deserve to discover CoolSculpting. Rather than surgically removing fat, or undergoing liposuction, you can freeze the fat away, for the long term.

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Treatment for excessive sweating

Many men suffer from hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating. This condition can be very troublesome. When under stress, working out, or at any random moment, the underarms can produce massive volumes of perspiration that even clinical strength antiperspirants haven’t resolved. Imagine being free of this condition, with your worries about excessive sweating gone for good!

Facial rejuvenation

Our male patients often come to us for a range of facial rejuvenation procedures, to smooth away wrinkles and lines, undergo custom skin tightening, or a skin resurfacing treatment. Every facial rejuvenation treatment is customized to suit the individual.


Our gentlemen patients love the luxury and relaxation of undergoing a custom facial. What better way to keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated, while enjoying a few moments of privacy and luxurious personalized care?

Cynthia M. Poulos MD


Dr. Poulos performs custom microneedling treatments, just for men, to restore skin quality and trigger natural regeneration. We offer both standard microneedling and RF microneedling, specifically for men. Regular microneedling treatments keep the facial skin firmer, healthier, and more youthful, with very little recovery time.

Skin tightening

Men who see the signs of age appearing, with skin starting to sag, jowls appearing, or deep wrinkles and lines, love our non-surgical skin tightening treatments. We can help you smooth away the years in the most natural-looking way.

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A smooth, refined facial skin surface is an attraction – and dermabrasion could be your answer. If you have visible facial scars from acne or trauma, “smoker’s lines” around the lips, or other signs of aging skin, dermabrasion as a sole procedure, or in conjunction with another skin renewing procedure can restore your skin and leave you looking and feeling great.

PRP hair restoration

If you see the early signs of balding appearing, it is the ideal time to undergo PRP hair restoration. When addressed in the first stages, you can slow the advance of hair loss with a series of injections into the scalp. The PRP, (which is created from a small sample of your blood), sends a message to dying hair follicles to rebuild and restore.

Dr. Poulos – the ultimate aesthetic resource for men.

Dr. Poulos brings an uncommon level of skill to every aesthetic procedure performed on her male patients. She understands that  most men prefer a very natural look. Every procedure is performed to achieve a result that is a true enhancement, and a boost to self-confidence in business and social life – but in the most natural way.

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