What is a mini facelift?

For patients seeking greater privacy, convenience, and affordability, a mini facelift can be performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite in our Northborough offices. A mini facelift is the ideal solution for a sagging cheek and jowl area. The procedure utilizes select surgical elements from a traditional full facelift–for example, a lower face and neck lift–and combines them into one revitalizing facial procedure. Unlike a “one size fits all” approach, the mini facelift performed by Dr. Poulos takes the individual patient’s facial structure into careful consideration to achieve the most rejuvenating results. 

The length of the incisions is shorter than with a full facelift; the attachment of skin to the deeper tissue is left more intact. Support for the sagging face is achieved with the placement of key sutures.

Should there be a fat pocket in the submental (chin) area, Dr. Poulos may include liposuction to achieve the most refined look. If a significant hollowing of the cheeks, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines are present, fat transfer may be added.

What are the benefits of a mini facelift in Worcester?

  • Convenient with expedited recovery
  • Less invasive than a full facelift
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Minimized scarring
  • Cost-effective
  • No restrictions prior to surgery
  • A boost in self-confidence
  • A more youthful, engaging appearance

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Who is a good candidate for the mini facelift?

Patients between the ages of 30 and 65 usually make the best candidates for this type of procedure, provided they have retained some elasticity in the skin and they are in good general health, both mentally and physically. Everyone pursuing cosmetic surgery should be realistic in their expectations, having attended a private consultation with Dr. Poulos in Northborough to go over their options.

What will my recovery entail?

As with all surgeries, anticipate some bruising and swelling to occur. You may resume most normal activities within ten days and show very few signs of your procedure by three weeks. Dr. Poulos will provide a detailed aftercare plan for you to follow, and will schedule regular follow up visits to check on your healing progress.

Why choose Dr. Poulos for a mini facelift?

Named “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Worcester Magazine, Dr. Poulos delivers beautiful, customized results in a cutting edge, technologically advanced practice setting. She is devoted to remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to medical breakthroughs in her industry, and is frequently found attending seminars, networking events and conferences to ensure her patients are receiving the most up-to-date care available. 

In addition to her skill and expertise as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Poulos is a compassionate listener who strives to set even the most anxious clients at ease, empowering them with knowledge and information so they can make the most informed choices possible. Dr. Poulos’ state-of-the-art offices are accredited by the AAAASF, adhering to the very highest standards in the field for safety and cleanliness.

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