What is Mons Pubis treatment?

Although weight often plays a role in mons pubis enlargement, it is well-known that the mons pubis region contains a large percentage of hormone-dependent fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. In addition, the mons pubis can become enlarged with pregnancy or droop from aging. If the skin is only mild-to-moderately stretched with excess fat, Dr. Poulos typically utilizes laser or VASER liposuction to treat the area. For severe skin laxity, an incision is made in the pubic hairline to surgically lift the skin.

Why choose Dr. Poulos for treatment of the Mons Pubis?

A patient may elect surgery of the mons pubis for any reason, including a disporportionate amount of fat or skin on the mons, lending it a bulging or drooping appearance.

As a female plastic surgeon and specialist in body recontouring procedures, Dr. Poulos is uniquely qualifed to perform surgery of the mons. The procedure may take place in our in-office surgical suite under local anesthetic. It can be combined with labiaplasty. Should patients wish to combine the procedure with abdominoplasty, surgery of the mons is best performed in a hospital setting.

After the treatment

After the procedure, you’ll wear a compression garment to promote healing. It can take six weeks or more for swelling to subside and the skin to retract.

Our patients report an increased sense of self-confidence after the procedure and are thrilled that they are able to wear form-fitting clothing without embarrassment, many for the first time in years!


How long does mons pubis swelling last after liposuction?

After your surgery, there will be bruising and swelling that typically lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

Is mons pubis reduction covered by insurance?

No, this procedure is not usually covered by insurance as it is considered an elective surgery. Insurance will only cover procedures that are deemed medically necessary.

Does a tummy tuck lift the mons pubis?

While a tummy tuck can help improve the general appearance of the area, tummy tucks are designed to contour the abdominal region and don’t include a pubic lift.

Is it possible to get rid of mons pubis naturally?

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help, but it is almost impossible to reduce mons pubis naturally without a cosmetic treatment or procedure such as CoolSculpting or liposuction.

When can sexual intimacy or active workouts be resumed?

Sexual activity or strenuous workouts can be resumed within about four weeks post surgery. Wait until you are fully healed and have the okay from Dr. Poulos.

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