Effortless Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is a no downtime, completely noninvasive alternative to liposuction that permanently reduces fat in a single treatment. Our clinical team has recently participated in an intensive Advanced Training at Coolsculpting University. We are one of the only offices with such an extensive level of training for cellulite reduction in Worcester. We also feature the newest technology which includes faster treatment handpieces that cut your treatment time in half!

CoolSculpting at Classique Medical Spa

A cutting edge approach to eliminate stubborn body fat has been implemented at Classique Medical Spa! CoolSculpting uses cold to naturally and effectively kill fat cells. Here you will spend a few hours in a comfortable room complete with a cozy bed, TV, and WiFi. 

Expert CoolSculpting Care

Afterwards, there is truly no downtime, allowing you to return to work or normal activities immediately following treatment. CoolSculpting at Classique Medical Spa is performed by highly trained professionals who have their own personal experiences with the technology and they have attended CoolSculpting University, an additional master training course. 

Since this is a very individualized procedure, we recommend you call to book a free consultation to devise a plan right for you and your expectations as well as to have your questions answered. Look below for the answers to some common questions.

How Does it Work?

CoolSculpting uses targeted cooling to safely kill fat cells by freezing them, while sparing skin, nerves, and muscle. In the one-three days following treatment, an average of 25% of the cells treated will die. Over the next four months, your body’s natural inflammatory process removes those cells resulting in a visual fat layer reduction. Results usually start to be seen in four-six weeks with full results by three-four months post-treatment.

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you are you bothered by excess fat on your abdomen, love handles, bra line, chin, inner or outer thighs; or by stubborn fat that just won’t respond to dieting and exercise then CoolSculpting may be appropriate for you.

If you have very extreme allergies to cold such as cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cold agglutinin disease, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advised to undergo this type of procedure.

Cynthia M. Poulos MD

How Long Does it Last?

Since your body isn’t making new fat cells anymore it won’t be trying to replace the ones you’ve lost. All that’s required of you is to maintain your current diet and exercise habits and you will maintain your results as well!

Meet Your Provider

Carla G.

Carla G.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Carla is our Licensed Practical Nurse who is also pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree as a Registered Nurse. Carla has split her time working in what she considers happy medicine/plastic surgery for the past three years between Massachusetts and New York City. You will see her smiling face providing treatments such as CoolSculpting and assisting Dr. Poulos in the clinic as well as circulating in surgery. Carla lives in Worcester with her cat and dog, enjoys nature and the outdoors as well as visiting her family back home in NYC.

Why choose Dr. Poulos?

Dr. Poulos is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience in the medical industry. What does being board certified mean to you as a patient? This is your assurance that she has passed stringent tests to achieve this trusted area of expertise.

Classique Medical Spa has recently attained accreditation through AAAASF, an organization that requires its participating facilities to achieve the top safety standards for office-based surgery facilities. As another testament to Dr. Poulos’ skill in plastic surgery, she was awarded the prestigious honor of “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Worcester Magazine in past years.

Anyone interested in cellulite reduction in Worcester should contact Classique Medical Spa and book an appointment.

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