5 Things Women With Healthy Skin Do Every day

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

Some people have seemingly perfect looking skin. I’m sure we all know of that person, you know the one, with the flawless shiny skin. Most of us assume that having skin like that is impossible without being born with the perfect skin complexion or seriously altering our daily lives and spending hours of time on our skins health. This actually isn’t the case though, just about anyone can have good skin and it doesn’t even require altering our lifestyles all that much to make happen.

Here are 5 things that women with health skin do every day:

1. Use the right facial cleanser.

If you have oily or acne prone skin then you need to use the right kind of facial cleanser to balance out the oils. It is recommended that you use a salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash for oily skin. On the other side if you have dry skin then you should look for a cleanser that is rich in moisture. If your skin has some brown spots (melisma) then you should use an acid cleanser.

2. Wear sunscreen 365 days a year.

Most people assume that you only need to wear sunscreen in the summer and when the sun is out—this is NOT true! Regardless of the season you should apply sunscreen if you are going to spend time outdoors. The suns harmful UV rays penetrate the clouds, so even if it isn’t sunny outside you are still getting the same amount of UV exposure.

3. Maintain a healthy diet.

As the old saying goes “you are what you eat,” so if you eat a lot of greasy-unhealthy food, then your skin is going to become greasy and you’ll start developing acne. Instead of picking up those greasy chips and fastfood you should consider having a salad or maybe some walnuts. This will help provide your skin with omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your skins elasticity.

4. Moisturize every day and night.

You should moisturize every time you shower and before you go to bed! Stay away from using lotion that contains a lot of fragrances as these tend to be more rough on your skin and can cause irritation over time, especially if you have sensitive skin.

5. Keep your fingers away from your face.

On average, an individual is said to touch their face around 2,000 times in a day. Touching your face a bunch can lead to all sorts of facial skin problems as well as health risks. By touching your face, you could be exposing your skin to added bacteria which can cause breakouts that could lead to possible facial scarring, wrinkles or in some cases you could end up getting the flu.