Hand Rejuvenation “The Much Needed Care for Your Hands

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

The lines in your palm might not unveil any secret related to your life but the back sides of your hands might. Most people look at people’s hands to guess their age than their faces. But anyone who takes an effective facial cosmetic procedure and skincare regimen can look years younger than he/she actually is.

In other words, the dark spots, wrinkly skin and prominent veins on the back of your hands will tell a different story. But the question is; why damages the hand’s skin and make them appear dull?

Well, second to our faces, hands get a daily onslaught of harmful sun exposure. Furthermore, the drying soaps, heated environments or drying air-conditioned and antibacterial hand gels are all major contributing factors in disrupting the appearance of our hands.

But, thanks to the advancement in the medical industry, these problems can easily be fixed by a variety of therapies. For instance, loss of plumpness can be treated with dermal fillers or collagen-building aesthetic laser therapy.

Similarly, pigmentation and sunspots issue can be treated with peels, medical skincareand aesthetic laser therapy. Many professionals also recommend a combination of complementary therapies that are highly effective for complete hand rejuvenation. Some of the most notable examples include dermal filler, Skin Tyte laser, andthe Environ or ZO skincare regime.

Hand rejuvenation is becoming a lot more popular now. It significantly reduces the prominent veins, wrinkling and age spots and makes them have a lot more youthful appearance.  Indeed, the results of the procedure depend on the professionals performing the treatment. Choose only the right and experienced professionals to receive the treatment and don’t hesitate to discuss your expectations beforehand.

After all, what else could be better than taking care of your body parts while keeping people to guess about the age! Isn’t it worth the price?