How long do breast implants last and should be replaced?

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

The answer is – it depends. Breast implants can last or not depend on the patient they are placed in and their lifestyle. Their longevity also depends on the type that are used and the skills of the plastic surgeon.

One common misconception out there is that breast implants should be removed or lifted after every couple of years. This prevents a number of women from undergoing the procedure altogether since they think they will have to incur long-term costs and more surgeries down the line. However, this is far from true – breast implants can last for way longer so you don’t have to have surgery again so soon.

At most, you will have to undergo one of two surgeries after getting implants or none at all. However, it would be better to be prepared than be caught unawares if there are complications or you think you are not satisfied with them at all.

There is no guarantee as such when it comes to the average lifespan of these implants though. There are some that are designed to last for the patient’s lifetime and some which need to be replaced after every 7 years or so. Most women opt for replacement after 10 years of the original one which is also fine as long as there are no complications.

For example, if you opt for saline implants, you need to remember that they can rupture either in the shell itself or the valve that is used to fill them up. If this happens, you should experience gradual sagging and complete sagging after 2 days. Your breasts will look quite different as a result and in that case, getting new ones is a good idea.

In such cases, all the plastic surgeon really needs to do is to remove the ruptured implants and replace them with new ones. There will be no need for new diagnostic testing since you already had it when you had those first implants placed. Dr Poulos can do that easily enough or can suggest another procedure that can be as non-invasive and reliable as possible.

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