I Feel Bad About My Neck … and Hands, and Décolleté

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

Part IV:  Beyond Facial Aging

Now that we’ve learned about how to reverse some of the telltale signs of facial aging, I’d like to point out some areas that my patients tend to neglect, that can be a real age giveaway:

The Neck:  Neck bands are a big giveaway!  Injectables such as Dysport, Botox, or Xeomin can soften these bands.

The Hands:  Sculptra Aesthetic is wonderful at hydrating the hands and camouflaging the veins and boniness that creep up on hands as we age.

The Décolleté:  BBL (Broad Band Laser) and the Micron Peel are great at treating discoloration; Sculptra is a standby for hydrating this often-overlooked area.

The Whole Picture

One of the best benefits our Spa offers to patients is the Complimentary Consult.  This is a great opportunity to learn what therapies are best for your lifestyle, budget, and expectations.  I enjoy discussing with patients all the therapies we have at our fingertips – whether it be a ProFractional laser treatment, an injectable, or a procedure with Dr. Poulos.  It’s a fantastic ‘crash course’ in anti-aging, and builds a good foundation of knowledge that patients can use to build their game plan – here, or anywhere else.  There’s no obligation; it’s truly an education for your best skin health.

I am so fortunate to work in this field; I do feel like an artist!  Instead of brushes, my tools are products, lasers, and injectables. With them, I can add fullness to what has become gaunt, smooth what has become rough, and illuminate what has become discolored or shadowed.

Thank you for following my four-part blog.  Stop in for a free consult and learn how I can help you achieve beautiful skin!