Top 5 Tips For A Clear Complexion

Posted on January 29, 2016 by Cynthia M. Poulos, M.D.

Let’s face it, our skin is difficult, sometimes it is great and just behaves. Meanwhile, other times it is on full out revolt and embarrassing us in front of all our friends. We love our skin though and generally we try to take as good care of it as possible in the hopes it won’t misbehave. Here are a few useful tips to help ensure that your skin is looking clear the way you want it:

1. As Cold As Ice: You only need one thing to make use of this tip and it is a precious commodity, are you ready? You need ice. Yes, that’s right, ice. When zits get swollen they become red and very hard to miss. An easy way to bring down this inflammation and reduce redness is to take an ice cube and simply rub a part of it directly over the acne afflicted areas after washing.

2. No Picking: I know it can feel relieving to pick at a zit and pop it, but this actually damages your skin and can cause permanent scaring on your skin. Instead of picking at your blemishes revert back to Tip 1 and give it a good icing.

3. Liquid Makeup Isn’t The Way To Go: Pimples are often caused by the over application of makeup and liquid makeup is the worst in these regards! The creamy composition of liquid foundation is usually from thick oils which are designed to fill your pores to give the surface of your skin a smoother appearance. Anytime your pores get filled, it makes for a bad ending. Stick with makeup that sits only on the surface of the skin and always remember to wash it off before you go to bed.

4. Use a Simple Detergent: Detergents and fabric softeners that have fragrances leave a wax-like residue on your bed sheets, and clothes, which makes them smell good. The issue is, this residue can end up rubbing into your skin and irritating it creating blemishes. Pick a fragrance free detergent if possible.

5. Is Your Fitness Product The Right Fit? If you like to work out and are a protein powder, but find that you are breaking out uncontrollably, it could mean that your protein powder has acne-causing ingredients such as whey, soy, and iodine. Play it safe and only use protein powders that are whey and soy free.