What is a neck lift?

As we age, our neck changes. Patients commonly describe the area as a “turkey wattle” with excess skin. A droopy neckline can cause self-consciousness and social discomfort, especially when viewing one’s photo from the side.

Before surgery, many of our patients had to resort to hiding their neckline with scarves, high-necked blouses, and turtlenecks. In contrast, a smooth, taut neckline is youthful and alluring.

A neck lift can help restore the look of your youth by improving the overall contour of your neck, reducing crepiness, and strengthening the jawline profile. A neck lift is oftentimes performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries. A neck lift consists of:

  • Cervicoplasty–the procedure used to remove excess skin
  • Platysmaplasty–the procedure to improve the appearance of neck muscles

Why choose Dr. Poulos for a neck lift?

Dr. Poulos has gained a reputation in Worcester and beyond for her stunning, organic-looking neck lift results, as well as her commitment to patient safety and cutting edge technology. She creates a personalized treatment plan for each client that addresses their unique aesthetic flaws, while accentuating their innate beauty and physical assets. This is just one of the many reasons that Dr. Poulos was named “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Worcester Magazine. Dr. Poulos is a member of the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Board of General Surgery, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What are the advantages of a neck lift?

  • Smoother, tauter neck skin
  • A more youthful appearance to the lower face
  • Slimmer profile
  • Increased hairstyle and wardrobe options
  • Improved satisfaction with one’s image
  • Can complement the results of a facelift or eyelid lift

Who makes a good candidate for a neck lift in Worcester?

If you suffer from the following, a neck lift may be an excellent solution for your needs:

  • Sagging around the neck
  • Loss of jawline definition
  • Loose neck muscles
  • Submental fat (double chin)

Aged, tired-looking appearance All patients pursuing a neck lift should be non-smokers in reasonable physical and emotional health, with no major medical conditions that would interfere with their treatment. They should attend a private consultation with Dr. Poulos in Worcester, forming positive but realistic expectations for their results.

I always come back to a doctor I trust who is professional and skilled. Dr. Poulos was recommended to me and I am so glad that all my needs are met and I get flawless results every time. Her staff is high quality and courteous and each experience whether its surgery or an office visit is a pleasant experience.


Cynthia M. Poulos MD

What will my recovery be like?

After a neck lift, most patients experience some moderate swelling and bruising, which is natural. The swelling will peak within the first few days, and then gradually subside over the course of two-three weeks. Dr. Poulos will provide you with pain medications to help ease any discomfort, and you can apply cold compresses, being sure to keep your head elevated while lying down. 

Within a few weeks you can return to your normal schedule, reintroducing exercise at about three-four weeks post-op. Dr. Poulos will continue to follow up with you after surgery, ensuring your recovery is swift and manageable.

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